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Do you go to Washington College? Do you want to go to Washington College? This is an honest detailing of what to expect here. Don't let anyone else fool you.
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"You plagiarized a sentence in an essay? Expelled & we’ll make it hard for you to enroll into another school ever again."

"You raped and assaulted a student on campus? You can come back to school."

fuck the education system

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So. I’m a member at Washington College’s LGBT group, EROS. This stands for Encouraging Respect of Sexuality. I’m an extremely active poster in the Facebook group. But I don’t seem to get any likes on my posts, which almost always about transgender rights, transgender people, standing up against defamation of transpeople, what have you. Yet, posts about places legalizing what is little more than a contract with a smidge of romance and sex, are met with tons of likes. Take this for example:


Ten likes. Yes, overturning a gay marriage ban is wonderful, but then you have things like this


and this


going entirely ignored. I’m sorry, but in what universe is it right that you pretend we don’t exist and our plight doesn’t matter? This isn’t “Whose Life Is It Anyway,” this is a matter of life and death, and that is not hyperbole. 

This is my biggest problem with the LGBT “community”: they don’t actually care about transpeople. Transpeople, to them, are the annoying little kid that tags along. And when we speak up, as one can see on the comments for either of these articles on their respective sites, we are bullied, put down, and treated just as badly by gays as we are by straights. What will it take for you to admit that WE DESERVE RIGHTS TOO?! 

Oh wait, you won’t. All you care about is getting fucking married. This group was one of the biggest reasons I made Washington College my first choice. Maybe if you weren’t such trans-erasing and trans-ignoring shits, one of my good friends, acegrantaire, wouldn’t have left, despite faer not being at all impressed by the drama department. 

You have transpeople in your midst. At least fucking acknowledge that we fucking exist. 



in fifth grade i drew anime george washington



in fifth grade i drew anime george washington


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May Day was amazing. Get naked.

I just witnessed the fall of mankind.

Or, as it’s called at Washington College, May Day.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the mental health system here after a good friend of mine withdrew from the school after spring break and another close friend of mine withdrew this past week. Both situations due to mental health issues.

Few of you know this but I have been on academic probation this semester due to subpar performance last semester. What does academic probation entail? It means that I am required to have a 3.0 GPA for this semester or I risk dismissal from the college (sn: the required GPAs are different for every student on AP - basically whatever it takes for your cumulative GPA to be a passing grade). I am also required to meet with Dean Diquinzio quarterly and an assigned academic mentor as often as the Dean sees fit.

To be clear, I’m not trying to make Dean Diquinzio look like an evil evil evil person. I’m sure she’s very kind and helpful to all of you who run into issues regarding transfer credits, registration, etc. However, Dean Diquinzio is not a mental health professional nor do I think she has the capability of helping students who are on the verge of flunking out.

Let’s think of the multitude of reasons a student may not be performing academically:

1. Stress related to issues back home
2. Financial struggles
3. Alcohol or drug problems
4. Peer relationships or social pressures
5. “Laziness”

In my experiences with the Dean, we have never discussed the possibility that my academic performance could be hindered by any of the above except for #5. Yes, study tips and schedules are great. Except I know how to study, I do study, and I operate on a pretty regular schedule. If this is the case, why are my grades so low?

I’d like to ask Dean Diquinzio if she’s ever struggled with the stress of being on the verge of losing your only remaining parent, if she’s ever had to lie to her family and tell them school is going great because if you told them the truth they’d worry themselves sick or be ashamed of you for failing, if she’s ever had to send her own mother money so she could pay the bills, or if the looming possibility that I could get kicked out of school and be sent home where I would not have a degree to get a job or a vehicle to get to said job and would be unable to pay back the student loans I begged my uncle to cosign because it was the only way I could stay here at this school stopped me dead in my tracks and left me hopeless and sobbing on a shitty twin mattress in my dorm.

No, I don’t think she has.

I finally got the guts and the motivation to head over to the counseling center on Friday. After another 10am class I was totally drained, having the battle with my brain again about whether it’s even worth it to go class if I’m just going to fail anyway. I don’t know what switched on the rational thinking in my brain, but thank god it did. I immediately called Health Services and told them that I needed an appointment as soon as possible. I’ve never been with suicidal ideation, but the thought of hanging myself or finishing a bottle of my leftover zoloft no longer revolted me. In fact, it tickled my brain in a way I can’t describe and it absolutely terrified me. (It is here that I take a minute and tell everyone struggling with these thoughts “DO NOT HESISTATE”. Please please please don’t let the thoughts brew in your mind, take a walk, call somebody, do whatever you can to make that side of your brain back the fuck down.)

My appointment was with Ed Fisher, an elderly, extremely wise man and it was the most helpful 45 minutes of my college career. There was no blame placed on anyone, there were no accusations of not studying, of being lazy. He was the first faculty member on this whole damn campus to acknowledge that I had way too much on my plate for a 19 year old girl in her first year of college to handle. And what did he do? He didn’t suggest I withdraw on medical leave. He didn’t just tell me to study more and how to study. He recognized that often it’s more than a matter of what’s on the surface and there’s always a much bigger issue at hand than the student “doesn’t care”. He gave me tips on how to handle my anxiety, why I should allot time for leisure and relaxation in my schedule. Most importantly, he told me that in the event that I did get dismissed, I would still have options.

The only thing that I’m asking myself now is why didn’t I go to the counseling center sooner? The hole that I’ve dug wouldn’t be so big and expansive had I just made an appointment and talked to somebody. I can’t answer my question. To everyone with anxiety issues and depression, I think you know what I’m talking about. Its difficult to build up motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and often the things that you use to make it through the day aren’t very healthy. I’ll admit, just wanting to get shit faced on a friday night to deal with a terrible week isn’t uncommon for me. Damn right it isn’t healthy, but it eases the ache for a little bit. I picked up a smoking habit to deal with stress and schoolwork, but now my financial issues are rearing their ugly heads because, well, cigarettes are expensive.

I’ve proposed a method for students on academic warning or probation that I think would help immensely in improving their performance.

The meetings with Dean Diquinzio and an academic mentor when being placed on academic probation of the SOPHOMORE year and in the second semester of freshman year if grades are subpar. Account for difficulties transitioning to college by requesting mandatory counseling sessions for the 1st year student instead of punishment and by placing the student on academic warning rather than probation.

Know the student, know their struggle. Offer to be of assistance in helping them cope with college life and with problems at home. Know that no student wants to fail and the reasons for doing so are almost always something other than “laziness” and refusal to do assignments or study. (I know this firsthand. Not once did I tell myself, “I just don’t give a fuck about any of this.” I did care, I just couldn’t bring myself to do the actions required to make it look like I cared.) Don’t blame them, and don’t suggest withdrawal from the college unless medically necessary, i.e. they are contemplating suicide or have made attempts, have an immediate family emergency that would require them to leave school for an extended period of time (sn: don’t tell them that if they have to leave school it would mean hell for their grades and standing with the college. If someone is dealing with emergencies back home, the last thing they want to stress about is their academic performance.)

That’s my two cents. Peace out.


girl at library crying because she got waitlisted for a class she really needs to complete her major requirements and i feel so bad for her :(

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